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Well, the new injections worked 50/50. The doc injected the SI joint and above in the area my greatest back pain is. It worked really well for the back pain, but not the leg pain. Made the leg pain worse in fact but perhaps that is only temporary. Once the novacaine wore of, oh man was I in agony for a few days. He wants to put me on neurotin to replace the Lyrica but will wait until the 18th to see if the injection worked first. On to other news...

I did some yard work, pulling weeds the other day. We built a new house in 06 and have such a huge back yard, the weeds seem to be focusing on the middle of the yard. All of the fertilizer with weed stuff in it seems to feed them instead of treating them. Anyway, after waiting several months for my husband to do something about them, I couldn't stand it any longer. They were nearly as high as me. It really irritated me too. So, I bought some tools and grabbed my daughter and off we went. It wasn't so bad as I basically nealt the whole time (bruised knees to prove it) and we were out there for about 5 hours (shocker to me). Since then two fingers, my index and middle finger along with part of my thumb are numb on my left hand. I would think this is normal from pulling weeds only I am a righty not a lefty and it is my left hand that is affected. I didn't use my left hand for much other than grabbing ahold of the lawn bag. Any ideas what this could be? I obviously hurt all over being in top shape and all (joke) but I do have an odd pain above my rod which is L-4 to S-1 not too painful, just that I am aware it is there. Does anyone know what I should be on the lookout for if it is another spine issue? I see the PM doc next Monday so I will bring it up if it is still going on, but I wanted to ask here first.

I hope everyone is doing a bit better this week. (always hopeful)