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I don't think I will be able to help you with your problem since I am not completely done with my surgery. I am having the 360 procedure done on the L5-S1 and they have done the procedure ALIF were they go in through the abdomen and put in the cage but I got a wound infection so they have had to delay doing the rest which is the PLIF were they go through the back and put in the rods and screws. I will tell you that I have started having terrible nerve pain in my right leg and lower back and nothing seems to be helping it either. I take Lyrica for nerve pain although I asked my PA at the neurosurgeon's office about Topomax and she said that wouldn't be what I needed but Lyrica makes me gain weight and it really doesn't take care of the pain.
I hope you can find answers to your problem. There are some real nice people here with a lot of knowledge and I am sure someone can help. I want to wish you the best and my prayers are with you. Also I want to let you know how grateful I am to your husband for the service he is doing for our country. I know how hard it is to have them away because my husband was in Vietnam so please pass on the thank you to your husband.

I'm so sorry your hurting so bad, I do know how you feel since I had and still have that nerve pain. I have permanent nerve damage and I want to assure you that you can get the right mixture of meds that will help. I can't work full time anymore but you are way far away form even thinking of any permamnent damage. It can take up to 18 months for those nerves to heal. I took a very high dose of neurontin 2700 mgs a day! youcan take up to 3200mg a day, but you have to follow your dr's orders on that one. I also took flexiril 10 mg 3x a day, and lortab 10/500 every 6-8 hrs. The nerve meds are what you wnat to concentrate on, neurontin, lyrica, topomax. they take time to find the right dosage for YOU. every one responds to these different. I'm sorry I dont' have nay fast acting info for you.

But you need to let that doc of your know that you can't take that pain and he needs to start increasing doasages or changing meds or something besides tests with now. At least medicate the nerve pain until you find the cause of it. I do know how bad it is to live with, I will live with these meds for ever. But I am very thankful for the meds because I couldn't live without them! It really sounds like you pain is your nerves healing and as bad as it is, healing pain is good pain, thats if any pain is good. Hang in there! you have alot of us praying on here and we all have witnessed the power of prayer first hand here. Your prayers will bw answered!!

God BLess