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[QUOTE=mikeandlisa746;3445225]Hey Guys, I am a 1st timer. I had L5-S1 fusion in 07. I had to wait 6 weeks. Like someone else posted the Dr. was affraid someone would rearend me.

I was wondering it has been right at a year since my fusion. The surgery its self was aweful but as time went by I did emprove. I was down to one pain pill a day until I went back to work in August.Never had alot of leg pain. Within the last month my back and legs have been killing me to the point that no meds work and all I can do is sit and cry. I am pretty sure this is a nerve issue. Does anyone else have this problem. I have been up since 1am with this pain and its unbearable. I cant afford to be out of work and I am affraid of loosing my job. I have been on light duty since August and the type of work I do the DR. said I wil be on it as long as I am employed there. I am a CNA at a local nursing home.

Can someone help me out if you have had this problem

It sounds like it may indeed be a nerve problem...go back to your doctor. The drug Lyrica does help w/ neuropathy...however, if you have read my previous posts...I've had many issues, including nerve damage. In my case, the pain meds help slightly...but have your doctor re-evaluate you- the sooner the better.