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It has been 2 weeks yesterday, but I fainted in the middle of the night from a standing position, and was transported by ambulance to the hospital. I was diagnosed with BOTH strains of the flu! Yuck! I spent the night to get hydrated, and then went home feeling better.

Since then, my lumbar back has been aching and I have had pretty major balance issues. The pain is getting worse rather than better and I am now back on Skelaxin around the clock along with Ultram ER once a day. This is barely touching the pain.

Also, I have a severe pain in my left shoulder blade, the shoulder that would have hit the wall. It is a sharp, stabbing pain, but moving my neck or lifting my arm does not trigger it. It is triggered by moving my upper body, as in getting up and down from sitting, walking, etc. It feels good if DH pushes deeply into it, although I have to do lamaze breathing to handle the pain. When he first finds the spot, I could almost scream from the pain. We didn't notice any bruises in that area.

I have decided to get out of denial and go to my family physician Monday to see what he thinks. If he suspects spinal issues with the shoulder, I will go see my neurosurgeon 2 hours away. I will go ahead and make an appointment with the neurosurgeon to check the low back anyway.

I am bummed because I just had MRI, EMG and nerve conduction studies in November, and hope I don't have to get another MRI. It is an all-day affair with a 4-hour round trip, in pain. From the November test results, I found out I have acute and chronic S1 nerve irritation and the doctor wants me to try Cymbalta. He prescribed 60mg once a day, which my pharmacist thought was a high starting dose. I have tried Neurontin and Lyrica in the past, and both put me in walking comas. It was awful.

I have been trying as long as I can to hold off on the Cymbalta based on the weight gain it causes. I do NOT need to gain anymore weight!!

Has anyone here had any shoulder issues? Does this shoulder pain sound like anything?