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I have not yet tried Neurontin, but I had tried Topamax on two different occasions. The first round, my sleep improved and I lost weight, but the memory loss, difficulty speaking (due to inability to put words together), tingles in my feet/hands, and dizziness got to be very frustrating. When the weight loss stopped, I went off of it. After about a 7 month break, I went back on it, since my sleep had deteriorated and appetite was huge. I did NOT experience the same benefits on the second course, and in addition, I experienced depression/rage/anger, along with the dopey effects mentioned above. It was not a good experience for me.

I am currently taking Lyrica. It's great for sleep, and pain relief, but I am sleepy many days and have gained 27 pounds in 6 weeks. I am going to talk to my doctor on Monday about Neurontin as an alternative to the Lyrica. Hopefully, I can take it and get pain relief as well as lessen the weight gain and puffiness I am currently suffering.

Of course, everyone reacts differently. Many do no suffer from side effects while taking Topamax, and I will say, many of the side effects taper off as you are on the drug for a while. If you had asked me during my first round, I would have recommended it. I wouldn't now.

Good luck, and let us know how you make out. Hopefully you will get some relief soon!
I currently use Lyrica (which is essentially Neurontin) and Topamax together and my PM doc says that the Lyrica augments the Topamax. Although I feel I have benefitted greatly from the addition of the Topamax to the Lyrica, he told me that Topamax is not a good "stand alone" drug compared to either Lyrica or Cymbalta (another choice) used alone. Clear as mud? Best of luck with your appt next week!
I was on neurontin 2700mg a day for over a year. Biggest thing that was wrong was my memory and foggy feeling. I take Lyrica now, 450 mg a day.Dr. said thats a lil more than I should be on but after the high doseage of neurontin they had to match it up to get the same relief. I don'thave the foggy feeling and the memory is pretty good now. I drive now, didn't feel alert enough on the neurontin to drive at all. Never took the topomax. But I have to applaud the lyrica, it has given me back some of my life. I suffer from severe permamnet nerve damage in my left foot & leg. I will be on this for life along with lortab and flexiril. There are some who need a lil more than just the nerve meds to help with the nerve apin. It sometimes is a cocktail of a few meds to get the best pain relief.

I hope I was of some help to you.

Good Luck

God Bless