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I am having pains in the fronts of my thighs while walking, though it feels more like cramp pain. But I don't know yet what's causing it as I'm having cramps and spasms all over. Though the last time that I think I herniated a disc when I started walking, I got severe nerve pains in both outer hips which also radiated towards my groin area. My injections did help this pain, and I could walk longer before I started feeling more dull nerve pain. But now my injections are wearing off ( its been 3 1/2 weeks since my last shot) it's becoming more painful everywhere. But this is the first time I've had this cramping type pain in the fronts of my legs ( it's where the upper leg ends and the pain spreads from there and down the fronts of my thighs). Usually when I get nerve pain it's pretty localized & I can pretty much draw a line where it goes. But with my front of thigh cramping pain, it's more widespread. But I cant be sure if it is just cramps or maybe it is nerve pain. I've not taken lyrica long enough yet ( only taken 2 pills so far) to see if that helps at all.

Monkey, how long do you have to wait for that new appointment? I hope it's not too long and I wish you luck there! Do you have other symptoms of MS and has any doc suggested that as a possibility to you?
baybreeze, they said i should only have to wait a few weeks or so, wich isn't so bad i think. The Neurologist did suggest a brain scan at the initial exam when he said he didn;t seem to see any weakness and thats when he also suggested going to the University . The reason i can only see this being a possibility is they can't seem to find where the nerve problem is steming from and thats what the other Dr.s have suggested is the cause the only thing that stumps me is i believe that with something like MS i thought effects the whole one side at first not just the lower leg but i could be wrong. Or another thought would be Diabetic Neuropathy as that seems to effect the foot and the legs but it seems something would have been off in all the blood work i've had. And one last thing is i seem to be losing alot of weight but you can't see it it really and it's almost as if it's muscle loss. Well i survived my fall and i believe i am back to normal! That was close. I and my family ended up with the flu bug thats going around and i have been down for two days and i think that helped me recover down to being able to walk at least with one leg the right way again . I hope you get some relief with the Lyrica soon! Take care, Love, Monkey