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I understand your frustration. I had my 3rd surgery of 2006 a month after you and my fusion did take and my back is stable. I no longer have that horrible back pain I had. However, the nerve damage and numbness is still there and has never gone away. An EMG in November indicated I have acute and chronic S1 nerve root irritation. Is that similar to what you have?

From what my neuro told me, my back fusion is likely not affecting my current nerve issues, such as shooting pain out my feet, etc. He wants me to try more meds, but already Lyrica and Neuronitin have put me in "walking comas" and I am scared to try Cymbalta. Fortunately, my nerve pain flares on and off and I don't have it constantly. The numbness, for me, is more of a problem because of lack of balance. I don't feel much of the outside of my feet and have to stay really centered or I can tip easily. Makes me really nervous to walk on anything that isn't completely flat and dry. I never expect to regain the feeling in my feet or legs and have accepted that.

However, 2 weeks ago I fainted and hit a wall. Since then, my back is very unhappy. My family doc thinks I probably tore something, and I go tomorrow to the neuro (4 hour round trip) to find out for sure. I HOPE I get some honest answers as well.

My surgeon on my 2nd surgery, however, totally lied to me as you describe. I think some doctors just can't admit it when things don't work, and I guess they only want successes, I guess. Meanwhile, since I trusted him at the time, I delayed further treatment.

And then, because he was such a piece of crud, I had trouble deciding to trust someone else. This journey we all take is so tough!!

Did your doc try to treat your nerve pain with meds? I guess if so, none of them worked, huh? Is this when we have to start considering the stimulators? Ugh.