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Hi Deb,
Welcome! I'm sorry your in pain. What else did your dr. say besides the DDD is there. You should have goten some sort of game plan from him. Everyone suffers from from some sort of DDD at some point. Some get minld DDD and it never bothers them at all, unfortunatly your not that someone. Those of us That do suffer, we suffer big time dont' we. There isn't much they can do to stop the DDD, they can treat the pain along with perhaps PT and some meds. There are some great nerve pain meds out there, I take Lyrica, it works wonders it really does.

Please dont' feel like your doomed at this point, althought I'm sure you feel that way. If you could give us some details as to what your doc wants to do now that he knows whats wrong with you. What tests did he do so far. Any meds given to you yet? We could probabaly help a lil more with those details.

God Bless