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Today while driving I suddenly got some very quick, sharp, stabbing pains in my front knee area. If you look at the kneecap, it was located a little left of the center of the knee cap and started about 2" above it. It was a small more localized area of pain, but very sharp, though still not as painful as other pains ive had. And it kind of throbbed also, like a toothace. It came and went a few times while driving today. And just before while walking down the hallway I got a teeny spot of quick pain in the middle of my front thigh, it went away, then I got the shocks in my front knee area. Each time it happens, it only lasts several seconds. This is the first time ever (that I can remember) that I've had pain in the front of my leg and knee that feels like nerve pain. I pushed into the area all around my knee and my front thigh, but nothing hurts while doing that. This is another reason im thinking it might be nerve pain. I am also having ALOT of spasms and cramps in various places again, the worst while walking is my left front hip/groin/thigh area. Now instead of walking bent forward almost completely, I am noticing that I am now bending to the right side and slightly forward b/c of the pain. My right side hurts, but not like my left. Good grief. Even tho I was in alot of pain today, I was able to walk around a little longer probably due to the Lyrica. But no meds im taking are making me feel better enough yet including the Soma. Plus I was on a mission, didnt want to leave until I found what I needed (which was a suit for interviewing).

Has anyone had nerve pain in the front knee? And was it spine related? If so, what level was it coming from?
It could be sciatic pain. Mine goes from my back, to my hip, down my leg , into my knee, down my calf into my ankle. Sometimes my knee really hurts and aches. I do believe it all comes from inflammation in my back pressing on the sciatic nerve.

The only thing that helps is ICE ICE ICE You can ice for 15 min of every hour if you have to. Dont ice your knee though, ice your back.

I have tried loads of stuff for nerve pain, none of it helped. I try to ignore it as much as possible.

The other thing that helps is physical therapy. They do some side stepping exercises with a rubber band around your ankles that really works that area releasing some of the pain.

You can try the nerve pain meds like lyrica and neurontin if you havent tried those yet.

Hope you are feeling better today!
Ok, I do get nerve pain in my hips as well. On Thanksgiving night I had such violent pain in my left hip I could not walk at all on that leg. It was a fiasco, had to call my parents to help me get up my stairs so I could use the bathroom. The horrific pain did abate to more moderate pain, especially when walking. But i've since had 3 esi's, which are now wearing off. I've tried ice many times, but it doesnt seem to help. I've tried a load of things for nerve pain, too. The only thing that seems to help are the injections. I actually have been doing physical therapy exercises since April of 2006 3 times a week. So that was for 6 months before surgery, I stopped a few weeks after surgery until it was ok'd again by my surgeon, then just kept going. My insurance only paid for 30 days, but my PT offered me to come there & use their facilities for a small fee each month, so that's what I do. And they still help me out many times, liking giving me heat or ice, showing me other exercises, and also gave me free stimulation (tho stim bothers me..it has to be really low otherwise my legs jerk around LOL..I feel like my body is going to go into some kind of seizure). The only actual nerve pain med I have tried is Lyrica. My rheumy just gave me more this week at a higher dose which Ive taking for several days now. Maybe I would felt the pain at the knee much more if I wasnt on this? I dont know. But even tho I still had pain in the outer hip areas, I was able to walk around a little longer yesterday. But that could just be chance, too. Who knows.

Ive had sciatica go from my rear, down side of thigh, into calf, ankle and foot (though the pain skipped the side of my knee)...just never had nerve pain right above the front knee before. I finally did some dermatome research and saw maybe the front knee could be from L4 and it appears that could be hip related as well. I don't know. Its frustrating. I dont need all this now b/c I have to find a job. I hope someone will look past my hobbling and hire me.

Thank you for your reply!