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Heather, I am sorry you are suffering so much. Sometimes spinal surgery can be very tricky and it can take a long time to recover from.

May I ask what medications they have you on? Are you on something for the nerve pain such as neurotin, lyrica, topomax, cymbalta?

It sounds like you may also need to be on an antidepressent as well. I resisted this for a very long time because I did not think I was depressed and I realized that after being on the medication for 2 weeks I was VERY DEPRESSED and did not even realize it. I was snapping so much at my loved ones and was very cranky. Once I went on the medication, I noticed such a difference and so did my hubby. In fact we know laugh about it because my hubby will turn to me and say oops maybe I need to take your calm pills. LOL

Back pain can really change your entire life -- I have lost so much because of it no matter how much I tried to maintain my life -- chronic pain can be very rough.

Please know that we are here for you and we are all willing to chat with you so go ahead and ask a ton of questions.