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Before my surgery, I had tried everything you can imagine that's over the counter, percocet, skelaxin, flexeril, medrol dose packs, ultram, and vicoprofen. Medrol packs helped the most on the first 2 days at the high dosages, though I still had alot of pain. The muscle relaxers did nothing for me; Percocet & Ultram did nothing either; Vicoprofen helped slightly after taking it for a while, probalby b/c of the combo of vicodin and ibuprofen, but again, I still had alot of pain. I had ESI's, which only helped my sciatic pain, it did nothing for my stenosis pains/claudication. I had stopped the vicoprofen b/c I developed some severe extensive bruising, showed my rheumy, he thought it was due to this med. (though he gave me this med again one time after surgery and I didnt get the bruising again). So for several months beforer surgery, I had nothing for pain. THe PM I saw for the ESI's never wanted any follow ups after my shots were done, my rheumy just kept telling me I need surgery. WHat did soothe my spasms somewhat was using moist heating pads. I had these all over me. But as soon as they cool down or I took them off, my spasms were still there in full force.

I do know that walking and standing aggravate stenosis and before surgery I could hardly walk at all anymore. Trying to lean back makes it even worse.

Right now, I am not really sure what's causing my pain, cramping, and spasms but I am taking Lyrica and Soma. I don't really notice too much of a difference on these meds.