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Greenjeans,is it possible you have nerve root damage,I have that and I would enplain that pain as excruciating,i lived with for over 10 years i finally was told by chiro to get my bum to reumy and he found DDD severe stenosis spondy,nerve damage osteoprosis and fibro,perhaps your suffering with one of these,my dr put me on Lyrica and although it took me 6months to finally fill the perscription(was scared of side effects)it has been a Blessing.I pray you find the doc to help you with your pain I dont know why they make us suffer for so long,please do not give up,there is help out there be persistant,I know its hard but you really have to,for some reason i noticed woman our not taken as seriosly as men,I dont know why ,I think it really is still a mans world and probaby always will be sorry if i sound negative. good luck keep me posted Iam prayinf for you. marywoo P.S. sorry for the spelling I dont know how to use the speel check,but i hope to figure it out soon LOL