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Hi All, this drug has worked so well for me I had to share it with you all. I am currently undiagnosed but the doctor's suspect reactive arthritis at this point, but the result is severe non-stoppable pain for the last 2.5 months that includes sharp lower back pain and hip pain, buttocks/sit bone pain, sciatic like pain that shoots into my legs, sensitivity in the bottom of my feet, broad aches across upper back, shoulders and neck that keeps me from being able to lie in one position in bed for more than a few minutes at a time, and spine-pressure sensitivity, so I cross the gamit pain wise. While the doctors are working on my diagnosis they gave me Lyrica to help with the pain and it is literally a miracle worker...it's like the pain volume dial has been turned down 90% and only after 3 days! From what the brochure says it reduces the electrical activity of damaged nerves. Finally I can sleep in bed in comfort as if I didn't have this horrible disease, I can make it through the day without constantly being reminded by pain that there's a terrible disease to worry about. Anyhow if you're suffering from similar regular daily pain, ask your doctor about this drug...and no I don't work for the drug company or anything like that...I just feel so much better that I wanted to share the good info:):angel:
Glad Lyrica is working so well for you. May I ask how much you are taking? Do you increase the dosage to build up to a certain level?
I'm sorry it's not the miracle for you that is for me, but I'll check the dose tonight and let you know. But if you haven't already talk to your doctor about your continuing pain, you shouldn't have to live in discomfort like that. I actually got rid of my last doctor because she did nothing for my pain, nor any idea of a diagnosis for the last two months and I just got a new doctor 2 days ago who basically releived my pain within one day with Lyrica. I wish you well and will post that info later.
Baybreeze, while it knocked my overall pain down 80-90% I still have shots of pain depending on what I'm physically doing at the time, as well as constant mild aches across my upper back, so supplimenting it with IBuprophen during the day and hydrocodone at night has definitely helped. The good thing about Lyrica is that you can take some other pain killers with it (check with your doctor).
iam fairly new to lyrica about 7 days now but i have to say the nerve pain in my upper back left side loke udder the shoulder blade seems to have inproved.it was so bad i really coulnt stand it any more,so although still early to say that alone was a god sent,its also allowed me to sleep all night without getting up to use the bathroom.I was getting up every 2 hours and arising at 2oclock 3 oclocke 4 oclock,and today i slept to 6am which for me is heaven because i have 5 dogs and a small parrot to care for and without sleep you can imagine how hard it could be.I was perscribed lyrica back in sept, but was afraid to try it because of all the side effects i read about but so far so good,I wish i would get that euphoria so many people are talking about but better not get greedy,im also on lexapro,xanx and hydrocodone,but none of those ever touched that nerve pain,i wouldnt wish that on anybody and most people that havent had just do not understand,again sorry for blabbing but i really need a sympathetic ear.please forgive me and hope lyrica does even better for you all. love marywoo
hi,is Lyrica a narcotic?can it be used with flexeril etc?I was wondering if it help my nerve pain in feet?
Lyrica is not an opiod, its actually an anti-convulsant drug used to treat some seizures and nerve disorders. I think it was also recently approved to treat Fibromyalgia. I am currently taking Lyrica and Soma (muscle relaxer) but there are no adverse reactions if taking both, though I do not take them at the same time. The Lyrica can make you feel really strange, though, and it's a bit hard to describe. If I take Soma with food, I have no effects one day I hadnt really eaten, took Lyrica first, then 2 hrs later took Soma. OMGGG I was spinning so much I got kinda scared. After a while, that sensation wore off some and I had no other reactions. But my doc, pharmacist, and drug interaction checkers all said there were no adverse reactions if taking both. I think Soma might be stronger than Flexeril, though.
I take one 75mb of Lyrica before going to bed each night, and outside of having some "weirdness" side effects the first night I took it, I have not noticed any other side effects...it's been a great drug for me. Regarding drug interactions, I don't know for sure what you can and cannot take with it, but my doctor said taking Vicodin and/or Ibuprophen with it is no problem, they do not interact.
Lyrica didn't do much for myself. Probably took about 20% of the nerve pain away. It also made me drowsy through the day, seems all I did was yawn all afternoon. I switched over to neurontin, which helped alot, about 70 to 80% reduction. Sometimes when I run out of neurontin I use some left over Lyrica to hold me over, and I can see the difference between the two. Everybody responds differently to drugs, so you just need to find the "one" that works. Glad to here it works for you. Any time someone finds something to get rid of pain is a good thing - pain can be very destructive in its' own right.
I have been taking Lyrica for my chronic back sciatic pain, but am having the side effect of increasing weight gain. Does anyone else suffer from that and besides changing meds, and trying to exercise, any other thoughts of how to keep the added/unwanted weight off? As you all know, it is increasingly hard most days to even feel up to exercising or stretching when you are either worn out from the chronic pain or in such pain. I do find that the Lyrica even at 75mg taking 2 at bedtime only allows me to get sleep on most nights. I am also taking Cymbalta at 90mg at bedtime as well along with the Lyrica to help get pain relief and rest at night. Anybody else having any stories or information about using these two drugs together?? I do have an implanted neurostimulator now since December 27, 2007 and getting relief for the most part. Thanks for listening and understanding. Chronic pain stinks!!
Lyrica has quite the reputation for weight gain. Short of wiring your jaw shut, I'm not sure how you deal with it.:mad: I have the same problem as do many, many people. It causes quite an uptick in appetite.:(
Oh, thats great...I gained enough weight from the ESI's. For myself, I havent noticed any appetite increase being on the Lyrica, though. I guess if my steroid bloat doesnt go away i'll know why.
I have been taking lyrica(300mg per day)for 14 months. Along the way we gradually increased it and have been on this dosage for about 7 months. I agree it has been great when it is working. For those on lyrica for longer amounts of time do you see that your body builds up a tolerance and it is not as effective. This past week has been rough and I feel like I'm stuck in a pain cycle. We tried to increase my doseage about 2 months without success. Just intrested to know if anyone else has this issue.
I wasn't on the Lyrica long enough to notice a weight gain and it made me a "babbling idiot". I was so out of it. On the Cymbalta....I gained 8 pounds in 14 weeks!

Ok it's been almost a week on Lyrica (75mg daily) and I've noticed an increase in appetite as well as some bloating, but I still love it...it's been a major pain reducer so far. I guess I'm spoiled because now I want the last 15% of my pain to go away, although from what I'm reading on this board, it sounds like your body adapts to your Lyrica dosage and you have to keep increasing it, so I'm going to try and hold off for a while and see if I can tolerate the pain at least until it gets worse...hope it doesn't.
HI Everyone,
I have been on Lyrica for over a year now. I take 450 mgs a day for permanent nerve damage pain in foot & leg. I have failed back syndrome and will be on pain meds for good. I did take 2700 mgs a neruontin for over a year, since I was still needing an increase of it to help the nerve pain and I was close to the max dosage of 3200 mgs a day and I couldn't remember anything anymore we switched to lyrica. I have not needed to increase the lyrica since I have been at the 450 mg a day dosage. That is over the max dosage recommended of 300 a day. I do agree 1000% that is a life saver for nerve pain. I do take many other drugs for sugar, high BP and also lortab & flexiril daily. There ia no cross interaction with any of them. Although my PM doc did tell me that there has been a link to sugar problems and lyrica lately and I have gained 35 lbs since starting the lyrica. I still think after all the negative the positive outweighs it. I had type 2 diabetes way before the lyrica so it didn't cause it but it may have caused me to need meds to control it.

I can't imagine living without it. I do still have some foot & legs issues but they are tolerable most times. I am disabled from my back problems so I don't know if I were to be working if it would still be helping me as well as it does now. I do know if I miss one of my 3 doses during the day I regret it within hours of the missed dose. I did go one time 17 hrs without my meds (forgot them at home) my hubby thought he would have to take me to the ER! so I will continue to sing lyricas praise even with a few negative traits it may have.

I do hope it continues to wrok for all of you that get relief from it.

God BLess