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Deb -- I am not sure if I mentioned this in another post but my cymbalta was upped recently by a trusted doc and after 3 days of feeling "off" I looked in the mirror and found my eyes completely dilated. I got the blurred vision side effect they warn about and it was quite scary. This also happened to me, to a much lesser extent, on Lyrica. He had me decrease the dose immediately and I'm fine now and staying on it (at the lower dose) since it is helping. It is amazing how one person's miracle drug can be another person's poison, and MM's advice is well worth following. We're all delicate flowers to an extent and each med comes with its benefits and risks.

That said, I am SO glad to hear you are tolerating the prozac. To you and everyone else, there's no harm or shame in taking an antidep when you're dealing with chronic pain. The fact that cymbalta addresses nerve pain and depression works for me, but none of these drugs work forever and I'll bet I'll have to switch at some point like Camperboy mentioned. (BTW, Camper -- hope you tolerate your new med too).

So it's cold and rainy in NJ today. Phooey. Who wants to go for a walk on the beach? If we brought our dogs, wouldn't they outnumber all of us?