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Well, Dee....you know that I can, of course, believe it! As you know, we are in the same club. I have had severe bouts of what I just know was nerve pains in my hip areas. Except that it's not in the area that docs say hip pathology usually comes from. However, I do get occassional achiness in my hip joints, more so on the right (and I did have hip mri's done, which should mild arthritis on the right with a possible bone spur). The area of my hips that I get nerve pain is the area where one would put their hands on their hips on each side. My nerve pain radiated from the back hip/rear area up around the top outer hip area, and partly into my groin areas. Is there where your hip pain is?

I also have a pressure type feeling deep down in there. Like if you were to put your hands on your hips and be able to sink them down inside, I get a deep achiness and pressure feeling on both sides. It gets worse the longer I stand or walk, but walking is worse. I started noticed this feeling maybe a month or 2 after surgery. My surgery was great but I noticed this feeling the first time I relaly went out clothes shopping after surgery. I was out for hours, and felt it after several hours walking around. Then I started to get some mild back spasms as well. I did tell my surgeon about it and he set me up with his groups hip specialist just to double check if i had any hip problems. I do, but they seem mild (though occasionally I do feel a little achy in the hips ..and that is felt in front. For example, if you lay down and bend one knee, then pull your pull to your chest as tightly as you can & you feel pain inside the area where your upper leg bends, that is usually a sign of hip arthritis. At least that is what I was told by the hip doc and my PT. The hip doctor thought it was probably more spine related. But I also have this snapping sensation in my actual right hip area (in between the groin and outer leg) every time I take a step. Even when I do my leg extensions, every time i bring my leg down, it snaps in there. It doesnt really hurt, but it gets uncomfortable sometimes.

On Thanksgiving, I was trying to stand aroudn too much cooking, etc..and got quite uncomfortable. 11 pm at night I got up out of bed to use the restroom and suddenly couldnt move. It felt as though someone was taking a razor edged saw to my nerves in my left outer hip area. It was so bad I could not get up, I coudlt put no pressure on it at all. And it was sheer agony to move it in any direction. And then I thought...OMG Im going to wet myself and never make it up 13 steps to get to the bathroom. So I started hopping on my right bad foot (which messed that all up again) and there was no way I was getting up the stairs. I had to call my parents to come and help me get up my stairs. my left leg was kind of dangling, while my mother put a pillow on each step as I knee hopped on my right knee up the stairs. I had to use my left arm to pull myself up as well. I mean, If I never went thru this, I coudl never imagine someone telling me this story!! I felt as if I was being continuously electrocuted in that area. Needless to say it was another fiasco trying to use the bathroom and getting back to bed and trying to sleep.

I don't know what the bursa are, none of my docs or pt ever mentioned it to me so im not familiar. But the only time i've gotten some relief from the outer hip nerve pains and that deep achy pain down in there was when I got spinal ESI's. When I got the nerve block in June, I was able to walk around or stand for very long periods without too much discomfort (until it wore off) This time around when getting my caudal ESIs it did help, but not complelety. I was able to shop in a store but had to leave 2 hours in & I was already in alot of pain. I really had trouble & had to shuffle with my legs far apart..and had to walk through the mall like this!!! And of course people were staring at me left & right as usual.

ANd now since this last round of ESI's wore off, this pain is there all the time and I am having trouble standing and walking after just a few minutes. It was awful b/c I had to go to stores to find new shoes and suit a for interviewing. I had to go to one store in the mall one day, another store another day..and couldnt stay in one store. By 1/2 hour I was in pretty bad pain and get the real bad cramps in my rear and down the backs of my legs.

So girl, I know you are not crazy and I know all sorts of things can happen..it seems like some domino effect. I am not really sure of exactly what is causing all this for me b/c I've not had a recent MRI. My last one was in May of 07. THat MRI report showed several things, but when I went that time, the pain I was having then was pretty much from tissue stuck in the L5 lateral recess. My PM only gave me Soma, which is not doing anything for outer hip area pains. My rheumy gave me Lyrica, but i didnt really go into detail with him about this. He told me lyrica should help my muscles and spasms LOL.