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Hi all;

I think my recovery is still going pretty well from my microdiscetomy. I started swim therapy and walking more and more. The one major problem I have is if I still too long the nerve in the back of my thigh and into my calf really starts to hurt. My calf muscle is still pretty tight and in the morning is the most pain when I first start walking around. I have started looking for a job again but I am afraid I won't be able to sit for an 8 hour shift even getting up and walking around. There is alot of talk about Lyrica-could that help? Any other suggestions?

I am sorry you are still suffering from the wrath of that nasty nerve pain. I have been dealing with it since 2004 - it stinks. The only thing that I have found that help with the nerve pain is biofreeze (similiar to icy hot but must be purchased from a chiropractor or online) and ice.

There are several nerve medicines: neurotin, lyrica, cymbalta, topomax, elavil, palemor, etc. Many people have used these and found relief. The downside is some of the side effects: dizzy, weight gain, memory, etc.

Good luck and I pray that your pain will settle down soon.