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Oh Billy Boy:wave: I have missed our talks also and I hope you get to feeling better soon. Like Emily said just sit back watch some movies and enjoy Mom's cooking.

Physical Therapy came by today and spent about an hour with me and she said my doctor doesn't really want them to do much with me except walk. She said she didn't want me to think I wasn't getting my money's worth which I wasn't because my mind is so screwed up I don't think I am keeping anything straight. She did have the nurse come back out later because my feet and ankles are really swollen and the blood pressure is up a little so the nurse called the doctor's office and they have decided it is the Neurontin so the doctor told me to get off the Neurontin. She asked if we could just lower the amount or raise my diuretic and they said no and since I can't take Lyrica then there isn't anything else for me to take. I am praying the pain doesn't come back like it was before. I asked if I should slowly come off the Neurontin and she said "Oh, that is right!" If I hadn't asked I am sure I would have had something go wrong. I guess if the nerve pain comes back then I will have to decide which one is the worse but my feet are so swollen so bad that it hurts to walk.

Well so much for me and tell me about you. Is your pain getting any better? I am also on the Percocet or Oxycodone/Apap 10 mg/325 mg tablets-1 or 2 tablets every 4 hours as needed. I has also helped me a lot but doesn't stay with me. I go back to the doctor for my followup on Thursday next week. Are you doing any kind of physical therapy? I want to go outside and walk so bad but she told me today that our driveway is not level enough and it is gravel so that wouldn't be safe. I wish I had the money to have it black toped. Well got to go for now so take care and don't over do.

Gently Hugs
LInda -- Glad to hear back from you !! I also pray that your pain does not return , you do not deserve that.. What is neurontin any ways > never heard of that ? I was on Lyrica before my surgery and I did not like it , I put on weight while taking it <> Just take it E Z , one day at a time that what I tell myself every day LOL.......

About me , Well today is my one month mark from surgery {2.20} so i drank my first beer (BECKS) IN about a month and half - - VERY good indeed only one though.. My back is still very sore but my pelvis is VERY painfull , from the bone graft I'm sure.. I did'nt start P T yet going to se my doc. on 3/28 , but I'm walking at least 20 mins a day {hurts when i get home - feels like i just ran a marathon} My doc has me oxycodone 10/apap 10/650 , four a day ONLY - he wrote out a script of 60 for 2 weeks.. I'm trying to only take four a day but it's hard , my pain is constant but I don't want to run out of meds.. I see my PM doc in a week and I'm sure that he will not give me more than 60 pills for 2 weeks - If you do the math that a pill every 6 hours , thats not cutting it right now for me and i don't no what to do ? Besides my rambling on here , things are okay I guess > Thank GOD for my wounerfull familly they are the best !!

I really hope you feel better Linda , and i do really miss chatten with ya.. like i said your a gentle soul and a good person , keep your head up high and take baby steps !!!
Hey Billy Boy I will try and remember to take it one day at a time but everyone tells me I don't have much patience. Neurontin also called Gabapentin (generic name) is used for treatment of seizures and management of nerve pain. I also gained weight from the Lyrica (but no swelling) besides causing the shakes. Now they say that Neurontin is the only thing left so since I am swelling so bad I guess I can't take it either. I have heard of another medicine called Topomax which is actually for migraines but it is also used for nerve pain, I think. But my doctor won't prescribe it. I will just take the one day at a time and pray the nerve pain doesn't come back.

I agree with you that your doctor sure doesn't give you many pills per day with the pain pills. So far I am not having any troubles with my doctor but I go see him next week and he may be completely different on what he will give me then. I am not much into beer drinking but I do like the "hard" liquor with Daiquri's (sp?). Right now I like the pain pills better. Talk to you later I should be in bed by now.

Gentle Hugs:cool: