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Carol I am so sorry you are still in so much pain and glad you will have a new little one to focus on. I don't know anything about scar tissue pain but I want you to know that prayers are coming your way.

Hey Laf,
I was taking 300 mg.three times a day but when the swelling started in my feet the home health nurse was the one that diagnosed it and called my surgeon. I am down to just taking 300 mg.once a day now and they want me off completely in 3 days. I personally am not sure because the swelling is coming down in the right leg but the left leg and foot is still swollen and I have redness in the lower left leg and my the top of my left foot is very painful if something rubs across it and if I put weight on it. My back has really started being painful the past few days since coming off the Neurontin. I just don"t feel well and will be glad to see the neurosurgeon on Thursday.

I always had nerve pain before my surgery and at that time they treated me with Lyrica and that eventually caused me to have twitching and jerking all over.

I had my 360 fusion completed on March 5th. I started having nerve pain in my left leg before I left the hospital and they started me on the Neurontin later which really started helping my nerve pain but now my lower legs and feet are extremely swollen and they have taken me off of that and said there is nothing else they can give me. I have heard about Topomax but the PA at the surgeon's office said I can't take that but I really don't know why.

I hope everyone can start being pain free but I am glad that I have this board to go to for understanding.

Gentle Hugs to Everyone