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Hi Laf ~

I can't quite remember week by week but I felt lots better at 6 weeks also. Shortly after that I think I picked up my activity a little too much. I was taking oxycodone on a regular basis and vicodin for break through pain plus lyrica. I have continued the lyrica, and dropped both the other pain meds...

I know at 8 weeks I was off pain meds and was able to get along OK. But I found when I felt better, I started running errands, which meant getting in and out of the car, lifting groceries, etc. and I started getting sore again. Then I started doing more exercises and that made me sore....then I fell on the ice so I started taking a pain pill here and there.

My doc doesn't care whether I take them or not, or so I assume as every time I see him he asks if I need anything.

My 88-year old MIL had PLIF at L3-4 and has never taken anything more than tylenol...so I guess everyone is different! She also had surgery sooner than I did. I waited 3 years before I'd even consider it...and that was 3 years of my nerve root being squished.

I think you just need to do what feels right for you. I didn't plan on stopping pain meds the first time. I just realized I wasn't taking them on schedule any longer, and that meant my body wasn't reminding me I needed them. Then one day I realized I'd forgotten th night dosage...so I decided I didn't need it...and that's how I weaned myself off.