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I saw my Spine Doctor for a two-month followup appointment. I've been in PT for 7 weeks. To remind you I have a bone spur, 3 bulged disks, spondylosis, DDD and osteo. I've had the pain for 3-4 years and only sought help this past year after a bunch of BS a few years earlier.

If you recall, last week I was posting about my continued back pain. One Spot that will not heal for nothing. The pain is at night, every night. I SUFFER, in tears. Other nights the pain stays at bay to maybe a 5...but if I so much as mop a floor or lift a case of water, I'm toast! I can't lift anything from the ground without concerted effort or pain.

This guy thinks I'm crazy I think. He has that deer in headlights look to him when I talk. He seemed annoyed that I'm not working, like I'm lazy...but I go to school full-time and I reminded him of that. I've worked my whole life, just getting a new education now...

I'M NOT CRAZY!!!!!!! I've even seen a therapist who said I'm well-rounded and not in anyway a loon. I have confirmation that I'm NORMAL.

Anyway, I think he may be the kind of doctor that thows pills at you to mask all the pain, rather than address it. He asked if I've had any relief, I said yes, with the cortizone shot. Do you think he offered another one? No....

So instead, he writes me a script for Lyrica. I said, isn't that for Fibro? He said yes, and nerve pain. I said I don't think I meet the criteria for Fibro, he did not DX me with Fibro....he's just thowing another pill into the mix now.

I researched Lyrica, and it looks like a nasty drug that I don't want to take! Yes I have pins and needles in my hands and feet, but I have NO PAIN associated to it, just annoying. He also wants to do a Never Conduction study...what? Another test to PROVE ME WRONG???

Someone, please...tell me what my options are, what should I do? Just resign myself to permanant pain for the rest of my life? WTH????? I chose this guy because he is a SPINE doctor. I had no idea when I went he was a "Pain Manager".....again, I don't want pills...I want relief I can live with.

If you think I'm crazy, tell me...I can take it. I'm just so tired of all of this...
Lyrica is used for nerve related pain. You don't need to be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia - that's just what the manufacturer is advertisting right now as targeted marketing becuase there have been no meds that address Fibro. But, like I said, it can also be used for nerve pain. I tried Neurontin first and then Lyrica. While both relieved the nerve symtpoms pretty well they both made me very dizzy. I have heard of some people who use them and it works well. If I hadn't had the dizziness I would have continued using one or the other.