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My husband was told that he has nerve damage from a broken tail bone, and he has pain when he sits. It drives him crazy. He has been on Lyrica for a couple mo. and has gotten some relief. He also takes Ambien cr at night. Last night he wet to bed and had no idea what happened until I woke him.This morning he had a dizzy headache, and he has complained of back pain in his side,(maybe his kidney). Can Lyrica cause kidney problems? Should he quit taking it? Has anyone had this problem?
Hi. Lyrica is not something you just quit taking. He will need to be weaned off of it if he needs to quit taking it.

It is possible that the meds are effecting his kidneys as that is where many are metablized.

I would call the doctor that prescribed it and follow up with a family doctor and get some bloodwork run. That can help rule out if his kidneys are under stress from medication at least.

then go from there. Has he ever had kidney stones? Then it could be back related. I would call the doctor.
I was on Lyrica for a few weeks and the dizzyness and blurry vision was so bad it was causing problems with my driving. I also have astigmatism which normally isn't too bad, don't have to wear glasses often etc. It got to the point I didn't want to drive because I wasn't able to judge curbs and such. I had a minor fender bender and although wit wasn't likely linked to that, hitting curbs 3 different days during that time was enough for me to say, hold on a minute! I HAVE to be able to drive. So, I called the doc and the nurse told me to stop taking it right away. Most of these cause some dizzyness but it should go away after taking it for a while. I don't know about the back pain/kidney area as I didn't have that in the short time I was on it. I now take neurontin 2-3 times a day instead. I've had a few dizzy days, but nothing like before and I haven't hit one curb! haha. The doc wants me to take it 4 times a day but it really makes it hard to wake up. I don't currently work so I have been staying in bed to nearly noon everyday unless I have to get up early for something. I hate that. An occasional sleep til noon would be like heaven, daily is more like a curse...

I hope they find the right med for him. Good luck!