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Have you been on any of the anticonvulsives? Like Neurontin (gabapentin) Lyrica Topamax? Narcotics often do not address nerve pain. If your pain is largely in your leg then it is nerve root pain and the anticonvulsive drugs can be more effective where narcotics don't help. Ask your doctor.
[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="3"]Hello Maria,

I'm glad your doctor was able to give you good news. It sounds like you could be enjoying life as normal by the end of summer, if your surgery and recovery go according to your doctor's plan. That's great!

I do agree with Pooby about your nerve pain. You may find a nerve relaxer to be helpful after surgery, while you're recovering...or even before surgery if you're experiencing a lot of leg pain...some well-known ones on the market today are Neurontin, Lyrica and Topamax...during surgery your nerves tend to get inflammed b/c your surgeon is working in the same area where your nerves are located. It can take a while for your nerves to calm down after surgery. I'm currently taking Topamax but I have tried all three nerve relaxers, the only one I didn't like was Neurontin, but we're all different so you may try it and find it works well for you. I would recommend discussing this with your doctor before you have surgery, simply b/c you may not feel up to it after surgery.

I do have another recommendation I would like to make now that I know you'll be having surgery...once you know your surgery date and what surgery your having done, I would recommend starting a new thread telling everyone here on the back board about it, that way you can receive a lot of support and encouragement and you'll also be able to easily update us throughout your recovery...it also might really lift your spirits if you have any bad days during your recovery...just a thought.

Keep us posted.

Take care,
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