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Nice - I am also having front of thigh pain. It's usually cramp-like pain, but then I also started feeling a dull nerve pain down the front, but in short bursts. And before that, I had some sharp pangs of what felt like nerve pain just above my left knee. I was also getting spasms & cramps all over like you wouldn't believe. Then I got Lyrica and Soma. I didnt't think they were helping that much until recently (especially yesterday) when I didn't take anything b/c I was driving around (and they both make me dizzy feeling). Well OMGGGG the cramps I was having yesterday were awful again. And I didnt' think my meds were working that well...but I guess not taking the meds and feeling the cramps especially,how painful they were again, makes me now think that my meds are working at least somewhat. Even for my nerve pains b/c that was more prominent yesterday, too. However, none of these meds does anything for those deep pains i feel in both hips and pelvis area. (of course for all I know, I say my hip areas but since mine isn't in the front, whatever i'm referring to might not really be the hip area).
Thanks...and no, you certainly are not crazy! But I know why you start thinking that, as many of us have started feeling that way. I was thinking that recently, too, as not only all that was happening, I was getting cramps & spasms all over including in my upper body again. And it's like a chain reaction...once it starts in one spot, it spread all over the place, I feel as if my whole body is being put through a ringer. And I've been getting nerve pains in so many places, I kept thinking..how is this possible?????? I felt like someone had a voodoo doll of me! HOwever, now that i've been taking the lyrica and soma for a while I guess it all has calmed down somewhat. It's hard to notice it until, like yesterday, when I didnt take anything. I do wish I knew exactly what is causing all this as I know you wish you knew for yourself.
Mine is like Blue Atlas and yours where my pelvis hits the top of my thigh in the front. However, if I were to put my hand on my hips it hurts in the front like someone is digging their fingertips in and when you have your hands on your hips like the thumb is also digging in at that part of my butt cheek/hip. It is so hard to verbalize the kind of pain. Sometimes sharp, sometimes a deep ache that nags at me really bad, and then sometimes the front of my thigh seizes up. Just went back to my MD and they are trying Soma instead of Flexeril and Celebrex instead of Mobic. I also take Lyrica to help keep the nerve problems down from my L5 S1 surgery in Jan 08. I am not sure what Blue Atlas had done. I did not have a fusion or anything just (what i thought would be as simple/end of the suffering) microdiskectomy. I also had hip surgery 2 days later (bursa out, exploration) that i have written in previous posts. I hope your pain gets better. Blue Atlas has been so helpful and so have many other people on this board. We all really care about each other and can relate to the frustration, pain, accomplishments, and setbacks. Get well, b
I am currently taking Soma and Lyrica (plus some other meds for other things). Be careful with the Soma because it can make you extremely dizzy! Of course it might not affect everyone that way, but it's one of the more common effects. You probably do not want to take the lyrica and soma at the same time.....I did once and OMG I was so out of it & dizzy for at least 1/2 the day. I am finding, though, that taking both regularly does seem to help me somewhat. (I noticed that on some days I had to drive around so I didnt take the meds....and I had ALOT more pain on those days).