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wow i know just how you guys feel. the pain in my little toes get unbearable and the burning on my feet and lower back and sciatica pain is terrible. i am 5 months post op and not any better yet. sleep thank god for sleeping pills or i wouldn't get the 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night. my lower back pain and sciatica will wake me up starting around 4 am and know matter what i do it wont stop until i get up. if i sit to long or walk alot the pain gets unbearble too. my primary doctor is so good he trys to help me. he put me on lunista and amatrypline and lyrica and lortab. my sugery was on l4-5 s1. they put rods and screws in and a fusion and a spacer and a internal bone stimulator. went to my surgeon yesterday and he order a mri (i did today) with contrast and i have to go for a catscan on thursday then go back to him on next thursday to see if they find anything going on in there. after reading your stories it sounds just like me!! please keep me posted on how you guys are doing and what can be done for it because i will mention this to my doctor next week and see what he says. its nice to read and talk to other people with stories like mine because its so hard to explain how you feel to people who don't have a back problem. take care and god bless you all julie
New to this. Have SI joint dysfunction and disc bulge at L-5 SI broad based / at L4-5 left paracentral protrusion compressing nerve at the root. Therapy and tylonol 3 lyrica and a long wait for treatment. Lost sensation in left side of left leg toes burn and turn red. Hip pain is aweful central lower back burns ankle painand some knee pain. Not sleeping well and losing weight from 147 down to 134 now. Any advice out there?