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Hiya Pepper, I'm glad that you are hanging in there and finding the strength to cope with all you've been dealt. I'll say it again, I'm so happy for you that at least you've found your doc that is really trying help you manage your pain. Though I know you are not pain freek, that still must be a big relief off of you physcially and emotionally. Plus the fact that you have such an understanding family, that's such a big help in many ways as well. Are able to sleep somewhat better now that have better pain management?

I am doing okay myself. As I think you know, after my ESI's wore off, I got worse & worse also with severe cramps & spasms, plus nerve pains all over the place. And headaches & migraines constantly. But I got Imitrex which works like a miracle for my migraines. I also got Soma and Lyrica again. After all this time taking it (and after taking it regularly) it does seem to help my nerve pains and spasms somewhat. There were some days I didnt take any (b/c they make me dizzy & a bit out of sorts & I was driving around or having lunch w/former co-workers)....well, on these days I really noticed that the meds must be helping some, as my pain & spasms suddenly got worse, then better again when I took the meds again. I was also found eligible for Vocational Rehab and will start going to school again end of April. I do worry about taking my meds then, b/c I might not be able to concentrate as well. But, of course not taking the meds, I'm in more pain, so I still cant concentrate well. Oh well, such is life...I will deal with it somehow as I've dealt with worse before.

You take care of yourself and make sure you post & vent if or when you need to!