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I am sorry you are having to deal with this pian but i know exactly what you are talking about. I had anterior/posterior surgery with a fusion and all the same harware as you and i have MAJOR pain in the right leg that was not there before. I had pain in the left leg and after the surgery it just switched legs but alot worse. I also was curious as to when this pain would go away and i asked my doctor when i went to get staples out this past friday and he just said it could go away or couldnt. I know that was a risk i was taking. But i will be happy if it just lightens up some. I am putting in a call this morning cause i cant sit or hardly walk i need something and i have taken the Lyrica and it did nothing so i am going to see about neurotin.

If i can help in any way please let me know. I dont have a laptop so i dont get on that often.

Oh my surgery was L-4 to S-1