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You sound like you are progressing well - maybe not at the speed you want - but you are doing good. The previous posters are correct we all recover at our own pace and it is dependent upon your physical and mental condition prior to surgery as well as the complexity of your medical case.

Stay on top of your meds and don't try to be a super hero and not take them. If you need them, you need them. Take them. Once your pain becomes uncontrolled, it takes you twice as long to get them under control. Set that alarm clock at night to take your meds if need be. I do that every night or my pain takes forever to get back under control.

Do they have you on lyrica, neurotin, topomax, elavil, palemor, or cymbalta? These are some types of nerve medications that are often very helpful in controlling the nerve pain. Narcotics do not really control nerve pain.

Do you have access to a spa or indoor pool? If you do, call your doctor and ask if you can go in one just to sit and move your legs a little. I have found this to be extremely helpful with pain control. Tell him you don't want to swim, just sit and soak in the them and maybe walk in the water. You can buy a lumbar belt to wear in the deep in the pool and it will keep you at waist level so that you can walk in the deep end. If he says go ahead, start with soaking in the water for 10 minutes, then go in the deep in the pool and walk for 5 minutes - set a timer - then go sit down and soak again for another 10 minutes. If you can handle this with no increased pain, the next week move your 5 minutes up to 10 minutes. If you feel increased pain, drop back to the 5 minutes. The key is to listen to your body and if it sends messages of increased pain, you are doing to much and need to back off.

Keep telling yourself that this nerve pain and numbness after surgery is normal due to the manipulation and moving of the nerves during surgery. This pain is normal. We don't like it and it hurts like heck but its normal at this junction in your recovery.

Good luck and I will be lifting you up in prayer. :angel:

Pepper :cool:
Hello Everyone:

Went to the dr. on this past Thursday and didn't receive as good of a report as I hoped for. It turns out I did have a stomach bug, but thank goodness that is gone. My incision is healing beautifully, but my dr. said that he felt like I looked and felt better at 10 days post-op then I do at 5 weeks and 3 days post-op. Not what I was hoping to hear.

I'm still having considerable pain at times and quite a bit of numbness. I've been trying to wean myself from the pain meds, but apparently I'm doing more damage then good.

I have alternating numbness and pain in my left ankle and heel (which can get really bad at times) and then my right leg is extremely weak and I get alternating pain and numbness starting at the knee all the way to my foot which at times goes completely numb.

The right leg has always been a big problem before and after all three surgeries. I'm just hoping I don't have permanent nerve damage in that leg.

The dr. insists that I continue with the pain meds as prescribed and he gave me a prescription for lyrica which will help with the nerve pain and I need to take that twice a day. He said physical therapy cannot even be discussed or considered until after he sees me again in 6 weeks and shortly before that visit he wants another x-ray to see how well the fusion is doing.

He told me this surgery was not a quick fix and to be patient, but I was hoping/thinking I was ready for physical therapy. I still have to wear the brace and he wants me to continue walking as much as possible.

I'm still using the cane and find walking outside very difficult at this time, so I'm walking around the house and I do have a treadmill which I may try and walk on for short periods of time.

I hope everyone else is doing ok and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the Moms.