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I've seen some excellent posts here and hope someone can offer advice to me. This may be long so bear with me. I'll condense it as much as I can.

I was referred to a neurologist who diagnosed me with peripheral neuropathy and put me on Lyrica. Because I developed RLS, he also added Requip. My GP felt sorry for me and added Combunox at times, which I took sparingly.

After a year of visits with "continue the same routine" I asked the neuro for a PM referral. I had tried diet changes, exercise, supplements, etc on my own and had some pain relief for a while but it started getting worse. The pain is in my lower back, hips, and feet.

The PM doc put me on Cymbalta but after 4 months with no improvement, he told me that "pain is caused by depression." My GP was appalled and also for the fact that the PM put in his notes that I had "failed pain mgt."

Then my kindly GP retired and since I didn't receive any help from the neuro, I didn't want to go back. In my rural area, there is one neuro and one PM doc. They're brothers-in-law. So I suffered in silence but at the end of last year, I knew I had to do something.

I found a new GP who immediately told me that I do not need narcotics (I didn't ask) and that I needed to see a psychiatrist. I insisted I needed a new neuro. Finally I agreed to see a psych doc if the neuro agreed. I got the neuro consult I wanted. A doc who is an hour from my home.

The new neuro did not want to see any of my records and didn't even touch me. He suspected what my dx was. He did an MRI and new EMG and nerve studies. Dx was my nerves are fine but I have a bulging disk, DDD, and bone spurs. So basically the nerves are being trapped on their way to my brain.

He added Trileptal and hydrocodone 10/500 at night. After a month, he upped the Trileptal. I started having progressively worse back pain until one day I couldn't stand upright. I literally dreaded going to sleep at night because I knew I would wake up in agony. I would have to force myself to push out of bed, with pains shooting into my chest, stomach, and hips, along with my back. Once I stand up, the pain in my feet starts shooting up my legs. The pain in my feet is relieved a bit when I sit but the pain in my back is increased. So I have my choice of what I want to hurt the most for each position.

I called the office and asked if the Trileptal could be hurting instead of helping and was told no by the nurse. She said she would leave a note on the neuro's desk. Three days with no call so I called back. The nurse said the neuro did not want to up my pain med. That's NOT what I asked!

So I decided to wean myself off of the Trileptal since the nurse refused to change my June 2 appt. Once I was off the Trileptal, I had some relief. The pain is still here but not excruiating like it was. It is still worse in the morning or if I sit too long.

I added DLPA to my routine and have noticed a bit of relief with that. Any little bit will help! I also am putting on Rite Aid's heat patches. Their brand seem to work the best for me. But it's still not enough to be even somewhat comfortable. I seem to spend all day trying different things or positions.

I am doing some exercises I saw on the net but I'm not even sure they are the right ones for me. I feel like I just can't get anyone to take me seriously. The neuro said there are about 20 meds we can try and doesn't want to do surgery or injections yet. With 20 meds and giving each one a trial of say 4 months, that could be 5 years of pain unless one happened to work. I don't have high expectations with that because I haven't read much from actual patients who say they help. Mostly drug companies promoting the benefits. However, I would try anything with hopes of living again with some normalcy.

I don't have many days when I feel down, but today is one. I try to stay positive but it's been years now and I am getting worse, not better. I don't mind driving to get the help I need, I just don't know how to approach this. Have I given the neuro enough time? What do I say to him at my next appt? Is there anything I can suggest that might help? He is actually very open to suggestions or things found in researching.

For the record, the neuro did NOT think I needed a psych consult! So he does know that I do have pain. But what do I do now? Does anyone else have this same problem and have found something that helps?