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Welcome. I remember being really glad to find this sight too. It made me feel somewhat sane. I am always embarassed when I go to any MD about this because I can't totally describe it the way I think they need to hear it. Deep achy pain, constantly nagging is exactly what it is but when I describe it to an MD it just sounds so lame. I wish I could just point to a single spot and say here it is! Then, I ask for drugs and feel so guilty or like a whiner. I believe your pain and I know you feel insane because I have EXACTLY the same thing. I had a microdiscetomy in Jan for my L5 S1 tear. It has helped only a little. Still have pain in hip. I am on Celebrex, Lyrica, Soma, and Lortab. I think I have built up a tolerance to pain meds so they are not really working that great. Anyway, you are NOT crazy. I feel so bad for my family because I can't wait to get on my bed every chance I get because I am either in pain or exhausted from it. Keep being your own advocate and make sure you have an MD that will listen. Ask for Lyrica for the nerve pain and Celebrex for the arthritis pain. It may help a LOT. Hang in there.