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Hello, I am trying to understand this mri report from a couple of months ago so that I can understand better the mri report from an mri I had last friday...
If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it....

Cervical Spine: Sagittal T1 and T2 stir weighted images were obtained as well as graded echo axial images.

Normal marrow signal is identified in the cervical spine, without evidence of fracture or acute bony abnormality.

There are no cord sigal abnormalities appreciated.

There is a loss of the typical lordotic curve. Noted is some mild posterior spurring and uncinate hypertrophy, C5-6. There is some relative mild narrowing of the bony spinal canal and foramina are otherwise capacious. The is no CT evidence of focal disk protrusions or herniations.


1. Loss of the typical lordotic curve.
2. Mild spondylosis changes- C5-C6, without evidence of focal disk protrusions or herniations, nor acute bony abnormality.

The other Page says

MR evaluation of the lumbar spine was performed. Sagittal and axial T1 and T2 weighted images were obtained.

Stir sagittal imaging was also performed. Mormal marrow signal was identified in the bony structures of the lumbar spine without evidence of acute fracture or marrow relacement process.

There is disk degeneration, desiccation of disk material at L5-S1 with mild thinning of the disk space. There is mild desiccation and early degenerative changes noted at L3-L4 and L4-L5. there is mild posterior spurring and spondylosis is also noted at L5-S1. Bony spinal canal and foramina are capacious without stenosis. There are no significant disk bulges or disk protrusions/herniations. The distal cortical conus medullareis is observed appropriate and without signal abnormalities.


1. Mild disk degeneration and spondylosis at L5-S1.
2. Early disk degeneration at L3-L4 and L4-L5 with relatively milds desiccation of disk material.
3. Otherwise negative MR imaging of the lumbar spine without acute bony abnormality or significat disk space pathology.

I would appreciate the help...I have been bedridden for nearly 3 months...last Dec. 26th 2007 I went to the P.A at the local clinic complaining of back pain, rt hip pain, rt shoulder pain, pain down the back of my rt leg and into the bottom of my foot, oh yeah and numbness in the front of my right thigh....She gave me a prescription of neurontin and referred me to be seen by a neurologist who put me on Lyrica and told me she was treating me for fibromyalgia. About three weeks ago (on a friday) I started having a severe pain in my right hip, I called my PA and since her office was about to close they told me to go to the local ER where they took x rays of my hips and lower back, the ER doctor told me to follow up with my neurologist...come that monday I called and had an appointment for the following morning. I got there signed in was helped into the exam room waited for about an hour when her nurse came in and told me that she didn't know what to tell me except that the doctor had gotten mad at her dictation machine and had left the building...I was in such pain that her office called an ambulance and I was took to the ER in that city where I was diagnosed with sciatica. The ER doctor there said he could see some "lipping" over the vertebrae and that I needed another MRI. I waited for another week until my PA got back from vacation and retold my horrific experience with the neurologist (I refused to go back) she told me she would set me up with pain management and prescribed me stronger narcotic pain medicine and that I would have to come back once a week to get a refill until I went to pain management. When I went back for my "refill" she noticed that on my last visit to the ER (That friday evening visit) that the initial reading showed nothing significant but the follow up reading showed that I could have a possible fracture in one of the vertebrae on the right side. I asked her why she didn't tell me about this last visit and she didn't have much of an answer except they must of got put in my file while she was away...(i thought is was her job to go over my file every time I was in there but who knows) She told me I needed to go to a neurosurgeon and that she was going to have a more in depth MRI done...that is the one I just had. When I called the clinic this morning to ask about my results the nurse told me it said desiccative signal change and disk intrusion in L5-S1, mentioned something about a disc-bulge and when I asked her to repeat and spell things out she told me she would mail me a copy of the report. The last thing that makes all of this difficult on me is that unfortunately I am one of the many on IL state medicaid program...so there aren't any other neurolgists available for a second opinion and the only neurosurgeon is a 4 hour drive away...but I will drive it if I have to.

Stuck in the recliner, the bed and afraid I am going to break in two,

Jodi :confused:
Southern IL