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I just have one level - L5-S1. The details of my case were that during my 2nd "successful per the doctor" surgery, one of my facet joints must have broken off, because it wasn't there for simple xrays, let alone the CT mylegram. If you envision the spinal vertebra, the facet joints keep the spine from rotating too far, etc. Missing one lets the spine just move all it wants from that area.

The EMG was very painful and I really hope I don't have to do another one. Thankfully, it didn't last long. (You do know they put needles in your nerves and send electic shock to see how your nerves react? Can you imagine that right now!!! Ack!!) What should feel slightly painful to a normal person does not to those of us with whacked out nerves.

I understand you worrying about further nerve damage with a 5th surgery. You may have some. But if they confirm that you are walking around with a moving spine, a wheelchair may end up your home with a simple car wreck, a simple fall, etc. So scary and dangerous. I believe God allows us to experience this horrific pain to protect us, because it sure keeps us from doing much of anything.

When I had my 'moving spine", laying down killed me. Absolutely killed me. I lived in my recliner, otherwise known as my "nest". When you have free movement (such as in a bed), when you go to turn even slightly, your "free" side doesn't move with you. Scary, isn't it? Meanwhile, it pinches and crushes your nerves, causing all this lovely pain.

I was so depressed my husband removed all car keys and any ability I had to leave the house. I think he truly believed if I could drive I would drive myself into the lake or something like that. I definitely considered it. The unrelenting pain, neverending torture was almost more than I could bear. I prayed and prayed, but friends stopped visiting because all I did was cry, no one knew what to do, and I was so isolated. I have the most sensitive husband and he just ached for me. I praise God that I found my final neurosurgeon when I did. A former sunday school teacher actually had to call me and give me a "christian lecture" about going for another opinion because I was so unwilling. I just didn't want to go through anymore, and I am sure you understand that. But she asked me what kind of mother was I lately? How about what kind of wife? And shouldn't I do everything I could possibly do, even if it meant facing a great fear (of surgery, more pain, more failure)? It was what I needed (granted, after I stopped crying 3 days later! lol)

But, the good news for you is that something definable is likely wrong, and that in itself is a blessing!! With me, the "suicidal" pain is gone. It truly is. I just have nerve pain ongoing, but nothing like I had. I will be going for a trial SCS because I do not tolerate Lyrica, Neurontin or Cymbalta, and frankly, some of those meds scare me anyway.

I am praying it works for me, as like you, I am used to "doing" and have much trouble being so sedentary. However, I will do now what I must to maintain what health I have left so my poor husband (who definitely did not sign up for any of this 21 years ago!) can still have some kind of wife and mother for his boys. I hate seeing him feeling so helpless. I hate the sad look in his eyes when he comes home to find a swiffered floor but a wife aching more than usual in her nest because she got up and tried to do some housework. God is doing a number on me regarding patience and I am slowly getting there.

( (HUGS) ) and prayers.