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Hi spineys, I have been on here too much lately mainly because i've started my school. I had been taking lyrica and soma to try to somewhat control my various nerve pains and extensive muscle cramps & spasms. While I was home for 3 months, the combo of both meds together was helping somewhat...at least better than any other meds i've tried. But then again, at home, I have more comfy chairs, different chairs, I can sit, stand, or lay down whenever I wanted to. But when I started school, the chairs there are just horrible and I stupidly never even thought about that...It's amazing just how much pain and exhaustion sitting all day can cause. Then I had a dilemma b/c while taking soma & lyrica, I can't focus to well.. I can listen and read my book at school, but my brain isn't absorbing it well enough. So..I was not taking any of these meds in the morning...so I had none in my body all through the day. But then, the pain got (and still is) so bad sitting there being so extremely uncomfortable, plus I cannot even carry or lug around all my books. I sort of figured something out regarding my books, but the sitting is just totally draining me. We do get up after an hour in each class, so I can sort of stretch out a little, but I honesly think the chairs are making things worse. I have to try to find some sort of lumbar support to buy & bring in, and somehow hope it stays on my chair. (there is no lumbar support, it's just a long metal bar on the back of the seat and has a cushion at the top, but that part comes to my mid to upper back)..But anyway, taking the meds causes me not to be able to concentrate enough but the catch 22 is - not taking the meds causes more pain & exhaustion, that I can't concentrate either. :::::sigh::::; I tried to take my meds in the middle of the day one time b/c I was desperate...i got a bit sleepy and couldnt concentrate. So I had another follow up with my PM late this afternoon. He was running a bit behind, so his PA came in & asked me if I wanted to wait for my PM or if I wanted him to take care of my visit today. I didnt care, so he came in and I told him everying. He was extremely nice, actually, really listened to all my concerns. And finally, after me telling him of past meds that didnt work, we decided that he's going to give me 2 scripts each for both lyrica & soma...He said they come in differnt doses, so I will now take a larger dose of both at night (which may also help me sleep)..and in the morning I will start taking a lower dose. And we are hoping that the lower morning dose will keep me attentive enough, but help to keep some of my pain at bay while in school. And it will help keep the meds in my system all day. I guess I will find out next week sometime if this works at all. I really hope so, otherwise this is going to be very tough to get through. I am so exhausted when I get home, I almost fall asleep. I lay down and hardly can't get up again, can't eat b/c my appetite is gone due to the pain. And even though I am so tired & exhausted, I am not sleeping well, which doesn't help. I am almost feeling defeated. So, I'm just kind of venting here.

Try to have the best weekend you can, everyone. At least I get a 3 day weekend to recouperate!