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Hi LAF ~

Can you describe where the pain is? Is it on the outside of your leg, near your hip...or more in the pubic area?

I didn't have any bone harvested but I have heard many people say that it is the most painful part of the surgery. Sees to be a fact of life that going to PT can initially make things seem worse. They have a way of finding our weaknesses and then stressing them in an attempt to make them stronger. I guess there is pain before progress....

But I would certainly mention it to the PT.

If they laid you on your stomach for the surgery, it could be the femoral nerve that was "annoyed" during the process...and it can take awhile for it to calm down. Once nerves are disturbed, it takes a LONG time for them to heal.

Are you on something for nerve pain like neurontin or lyrica??

xx M:(M
I haven't been on any pain meds since about the 10th week, but the doc wants me to continue with Lyrica. I really can't assess whether it does anything for me, or not. Half the time I forget to take the 2nd dosage each day....Last time I saw the doc, I promised I would take it faithfully until I saw him next, and then we'd decide whether to continue it, or not.

I don't have any groin pain but I have pain in my thigh, on the front -- it runs from my groin down to my knee, on the inside of my leg. My toes on both feet are still numb so can't tell if anything new happened there!! :eek: Just remember, you couldn't walk prior to surgery, and now you can...so there is progress. Nerve pain is the last to heal. So patience...patience.

Luckily the damage caused by my acupuncture treatment last week is wearing off. My PT did an evaluation on Tuesday and is sending it to my doc so he'll have it when I go in tomorrow to find out why my thigh hurts so much. I'll let you know if I find out anything. Doubtful!! I'll get the patience lecture I just gave to you!!!:(

PT stirs up all sorts of new aches and pains. My MIL's surgeon thinks it often causes more problems than it solves, so he has her walking, walking, walking...and stretching., and NO PT...at least for now.

Hang in there, my friend.

xx M:cool:M