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Hi My name is Donna
I live in Australia,and have been dx with 3 ruptured discs l4/5/s1.. have had multiple admissions to hospital ,initially this happened after I was accidently pulled from a chair at work in 2004.I was off work for 18 mths and the pain well I don,t need to tell you ..I was very frustrated with a lot of ortho,s operate...no wait etc they are reluctant to fuse at 3 levels here (as I am reluctant to have a operation) .I did eventually get better but have relapsed twice.
I ended up seeing a pain specialist who decided it was more my SI joints.
I got steroids inlected 9 mths ago and was relatively ok (i managed work) .I recently travelled on a plane for 9 hrs and you guessed it i relapsed on the plane. My specialist again did the steroid injections which have worked to some degree because I can work but 4 days straight and i,m a sore puppy ....

The steroids are not as good as the first time so I have heard about RFD radio fruency denervation...has anyone tried it? There seems to be a 50/50 failure/success rate.

I am so happy to have found this site as people who have never had back pain can NEVER understand what you are going through.

My husband and kids (3) are brilliant but now my parents can,t /don,t understand that this has been going on for 4 years and I should be better???

My back is burnt due to hot packs which help...Also at work I try and hide if i am in pain but as you would all know you end up walking as if you have a pole up well...:)..you know.When I have a bad attck as I did at work 8 weeks ago I go into shocking spasms...I can,t control them the pain can last 15 mins or 5 hrs.

Any advice would be helpful..when I,m good am brilliant but the next day .....

Thanks for letting me vent I don,t like to talk about this to my family as I don,t want to worry them. I take lyrica panadol and baclofen. Tx donna px dx on discgogram ooooooooooh nasty procedure