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I had L4/L5 fusion on March 31 in addition to some clean-up in the L5/S1 area. My first couple of weeks were pretty bad pain-wise and then when I was starting to feel better I caught a stomach bug which lasted close to 10 days. I'm finally doing better, but nerve pain is what is bothering me now. When I went to the dr. last week and he prescribed lyrica for the nerve pain and reminded me that this surgery is no quick fix and that I needed to be patient because the recovery is very slow and also everyone is different and recovers at a different pace.

I count each day as a blessing and each day that I can do a little more than the day before I'm thankful. I left the hospital having to use a walker and beside toliet, now I'm using a cane and have been given the go ahead to take short drives.

I hope that you start feeling better soon, because I understand exactly where you are.