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Yes my last three discs are bad, my docter that is 74 years old is a problem because I don't think he cares to much as he is ready to leave his practise. I don't no he just says its from my back and the two orthopedics say theres nothing they can do. The last appointment he handed me some trial lyrica but from what I read it will make me a zombie so I am reluctant to try it. I guess I will have to go to a walk in clinic to try to get another test. I have tried anti inflammatories that help a little then it comes back throbbing mostlly in my butt, never below my knee.
You really do need to see a spine specialist, meaning an ortho. or neuro. surgeon who work on spines at least 75% of the time. As for Lyrica, I know some who swear by it, so it might be worth a try. I, on the other hand, take Neurontin and it is the same, in that some people get excellent results from it and others have side affects. I have been on it for 3 years and get 90 % relief. So, don't hesitate to try a medication, knowing that there are other meds. that you can try, if one doesn't work. My Dr. explained to me that he was going to start me out on a low dose, and slowly up it, until we got to a level that worked. This way, I did not get any side affects, but it did take about a month before I got the full benefit of it. So, if you are started at a low dose, do determine that it doesn't work until you are up to the full stregnth.

Please keep us updated.

I have this also. It hurts SOOO bad when it is spasming and the pain just goesdown the back of my thigh right before the knee. I am taking neorontin but it does not help at all. Before the surgery i took lyrica andit did not help me.

Some people say it could be a year or longer to get rid of all this nerve pain but i dont think i could last that long. I never had any of this with my first surgery.