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Shady, I'm so sorry you're in pain. You know the shoulders are here for you.

I do know what you mean, and what you described is exactly why I decided to go for a fusion. Any activity at all resulted in pain for days afterwards, so I really do understand.

My doctor just started me on Lyrica for the pain, and although I just started taking it Friday evening I awoke this morning with about 80% of the pain missing. Have you tried it?
Hi Paula,
Thanks for your quick reply, I am not sure what this lyrica is before xmas I was on morphine but it made me so sick at the moment I am on dihydracodiene gabapentin and amitryptiline with little effect. It is the night time that is the worst and I get very little sleep.Is there another name for the medication your on as I am in England so it may be called by a different name.I am pleased your getting some relief and on Thursday I will mention this med to my Dr.When and how much do you take and is it just a painkiller or muscle relaxant as well.

Hi Tracy,

Lyrica is a medication that is being prescribed for nerve pain, and is most recently being prescribed for those with back pain. It functions as a nerve block, and is non-narcotic. It's certainly worth asking your doctor, and I never expected anything to give me this much pain relief.

The name of the medication is also known as Pregabalin

I do hope you feel better.