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For the nerve pain please do not really on any of the narcotic drugs. They really do not help at all. Speak to your doctor about gabapentin (Neurontin) Lyrica, topamax ect. These really are the drugs of choice for the treatment of neuropathic pain. I found that gabapentin was the best drug for myself and have been on all three and combinations of them.

Side effects do diminish with time. Tiredness, dizziness and weight gain are the most usual. Of course some people cannot tolerate them as is the case with any meds but the vast majority do well and they most certainly give the most pain relief when the proper dosage is reached. Usually a low dose is started gradually increased over time until you reach a dosage gives good pain relief. For a lot of patients these drugs are nothing short of miraculous. One thing to remember these drugs do not help with pain that is not neuropathic. Another words if your back is in spasm gabapentin is not going to help but if you have red hot shooting nerve pain down your leg it will help.

These drugs are not habit forming.