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Hi all,
Paula456 went to see my Dr today he has put me on Lyrica 75mg to take at night time i can take two if i need .Thank you for the information. Keep your fingers crossed for me that i may get an hour of sleep tonight he has also tripled my dose of amitryptaline. I shall soon b rattling:)
I have thrown another spanner in the works today by asking if spina bifida occulta could have been the cause of any of my back problems also i wonder if this is why the surgeon failed to get the needle through to perform a caudal nerve block injection.(((who knows))). This i think should show up on a mri.I was told I had this at a few weeks old when they found out that i had Polands syndrome. What a crock i sound.I just hope I can find a bit of pain relief the nerves in my back are pinging about constantly and I feel that my back will give way with the pain when I stand up or do anything. Hope you are all having an ok day and I am thinking of you all.

Oh Tracy good luck with the Lyrica! I really hope it helps you!

I have been on 75 mg/2 times per day, but other then Celebrex it's the only thing I'm taking. Tomorrow I'm supposed to increase to 150 mg/2 times per day and although I'm just starting to get some break-through pain I can't take that much Lyrica and work. It definitely makes you happy ;)