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Hi, I did have surgery, but have not been diagnosed with FBS. I keep suffering from nerve pains & spasms, plus low back pain. But I, too, cannot stand or walk for too long so I have to do the same thing with going to stores. Usually I only go to stores that have shopping carts to lean on. If they don't have one, then I start getting pain pretty quickly. I tried to go in one store b/c I had to buy some new clothes; I kept going to the dresssing room so I could sit down for a bit, so that helped. But when it came time to stand on line, it was torture. The line had several people in front of me and wouldn't you know, someone had to take forever and couldnt decide what they wanted while AT the register! I started leaning on a nearby clothing rack, pain was getting worse, so I just automatically start my deep breathing. I know my face must have been getting beat red and showed pain..suddenly the cashiers noticed and rushed around, they thought I was going to collapse or something. So one found me a little chair to sit on to wait on line, which was very nice of them; but...everyone was staring at me so I felt kinda humiliated. Then one of the cashiers helped me to my car and carried my bags. Again, that was awesome of them but I felt stupide, like I shouldn't need that help. So anytime I need to go to another store with no carts, I go for about 10-15 minutes, then leave, come back another day, etc..just like you do.

After I sit for a while, my rear end hurts really badly and I think I get spasms there also. Sometimes I get pins & needles in that area. Then my toes get pins & needles and sometimes get numb. I get muscle spasms and nerve pains all over the place. However, since i've been taking Lyrica and Soma, these meds have helped with the severity of those pains. I also have spine arthritis (plus in other body parts) so my spine is always stiff and after I sit a while, it's very hard to get up. It's like I need to be oiled all over to get moving.

So yes, I know what you're going through, as do many others on here. So just know that you are not alone in this. And if you ever need to vent or ask other questions, just go for it. Everyone here is very helpful and understanding.