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Hiya, Deb!

It's nice to see you pop in again. Congrats on the new house and it sounds like it's working out much better for you.

I know how it is being tired of trying all these meds and treatments and doc appt's, etc. Sometimes it's just too much, it can actually be exhausting. Definitely don't let any doc push you into anything, especially if you are not ready for it. If you feel you can still function okay enough for now, then keep doing what you're doing until you feel you no longer can. I am the same way, though i've had my meds rearranged lately, and now taking even more, but right now I need to do something.

I haven't found work yet, but that is because I am going to school again LOL. I got a grant for work training thru Voc. Rehab, which was approved also by unemployment. So that's all settled and so far I'm doing well. I could do better in a couple things if my head was clear & I had no pain, but still, I am doing well. It's funny, in the morning I do keyboarding. My meds usually start kicking in while in this class, so I go from a really fast speed with little errors to much slower with lots of errors. Oh well, I'm still typing faster than what I need to graduate. I still have the problem with sitting all day, since I rearranged my meds, they now help alot until about 1 to 1:30 pm. Just saw my PM Friday & told him about it...so now I will take a 3rd dose of Lyrica around noon, plus I will take Ultram ER every day. I hope this helps more!

You stay cool, too, and keep in touch!!