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Been a few weeks since I posted, in fact the last time I posted. I was doing some venting. My husband just had a partial knee replacement done on Tuesday, so I have been playing nursemaid. Taking care of him has really given me a slap in the face to be honest. As you all know, I am due to have fusion revision done soon, as well as knee surgery. Just waiting dear sweet Insurance Carrier and Workers Comp to approve them. I had forgotten what it is like to be totally helpless!!!!! I am waiting on him hand and foot---did you take your meds--need the ice---are you hungry, etc. etc. etc. Wearing myself ragged. I am doing some pretty serious second thinking regarding the surgeries. I am leaning in the direction of going back to work instead. I have had enough. I want to be human again and have my independence back. I have been robbed enough and long enough. I stopped taking the Lyrica and I have lost 10 pounds!!!! Will make the Dr. eat crow when I see him!!