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Hi all,
well I've just come back from swimming with my daughter its good for you ? (so they say) but here I am sat in agony now with a feeling like a burning hot knife in my left bum cheek lol actually I am not really laughing cos its painfull and yet again am left thinking every time I try and do any kind of physical activity it completly floors me.I just know I will not sleep tonight because of the pain.I was really hoping the lyrica would work but I don't think it is. Must admit it gets me down.I am seeing a pain management Dr on Thursday so he may well change my meds again. Does anyone else get so down and disheartened with all the trying.I suppose its the pain.Sorry to moan on the board but at least if i let off steam here then when my hubby gets home at ten of shift i may give his ears a rest. Poor man.:rolleyes:My neck is getting progresively worse and the discs at the top of neck are so sore to touch and i am losing more and more movement.Dr thinks its the dics degenerating like at the bottom of my spine. Does any one else have similar with the bottom and top.I would be interested to find out also I have spaina bifida occulta which i dont know if its playing a part in all this.
Ok I am going to lay down for a bit.
thanks to you all