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[QUOTE=beachgirl01;3617262]Hi there,

I am not convinced that your body is rejecting the hardware, often if that is the case you would get sick, an infection, fever all sorts of stuff like that. I had my screws break on me. No apparant reason, about 2 weeks after my surgery I knew something was wrong and sure enough after an x-ray, I found out that there was one broken screw and then when it came time to operate to fix it, there were 2 that broke. In my case it was probably faulty hardware. However in my second surgery, I had my new disc break right in half! GO figure hey!!! What the heck?!? I don't know but I guess my suggestion as crappy as it may be, is to hang in there. THink positive and hope that what you are experiencing is recovery pain and what not, cause that in itself can last a long time and do a lot of different things to you and cause more and different pain then you originally had.

As far as allergies...I have the exact same problem. I take Reactine everyday and it most definitly helps. I would strongly suggest trying that if you aren't already on something.

Best of luck. Update me if you can ;)

Hi beachgirl, thanks for your response I had gone back to the doc. today and he still is saying my body is rejecting my screws wants me to wait 3 more months to see if I have fused or not and then he wants to take them out! I am definetly getting a 2nd opinion cause I really don't need any more problems than I already have. He also put me on Nortripyline for the nerve damage cause lyrica doesn't agree with me and is putting me to through the pain management cause of the chronic pain. Stilll not back to work but I am staying positive with being more activeand pushing myself to do more even if I have to rest for awhile I need start some exersices to build better muscle cause I am so weakbut the pain gets me all the time. I guess the only thing that concerns me the most is not being able to cogh or sneeze without intense pain I feel like my doc. isn't telling me something cause to me that is a serious nerve problem!! Well I hope all goes well with you & thank you again and please keep in touch it's great having someone who understands and cares!!! chelle