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Good afternoon friends. I am posting for advice. My husband is post op day 8...and didn't have any nerve pain until Saturday night. He complains of burning and tingling in his right thigh. Doc called in Lyrica 50 mg 2x per day which he has been on for 2 days. Does this drug take time to work (ie an extended period of time)? Or is the dosage possibly too low? He is not getting any relief. Now this tingling is not constant it comes and goes. Seems to be problematic at night. He wakes up several times. I know nerves take a long time to recoop after this surgery...just wanted some feedback from you spiney fusion patients.
Thanks so much in advance,
I had the same problem right after surgery. Called the Dr. and they called in a Medrol Pak for me. That did wonders!!!!! It is a steroid. I had to have that twice in order for the nerve pain to subside. Months down the road I was put on Lyrica and it did help soon. They have me on 50 mg. three times daily and 2 before bed. Could be hubby needs to take more of it or the mg. needs to be increased. I have been cutting back due to the side effects. Good luck!!!!
I have chronic nerve pain, since my fusions several years ago. I was on Neurontin, but they have just recently changed it to Lyrica. The Dr. told me that she wanted me to get up to 3 50 mg. pills a day, but to start at 1 at night time, due to sleepyness. then, as i got use to that side affect, to up it to 2 pills and then 3 pills. I was definately sleepy, the 1st 2 nights, then I upped it to 2 pills for 2 more days and by he 5th day, I was up to all 3 pills...without any side affects. I can't tell if is is really working yet or not...and don't know if it takes time. But I also agree with both the Bio-freeze and ice. The Bio-freeze is sold online as well as at many Chiro. offices and P/T offices. I go to a Chiro. office, to purchase it, and I don't even go to them for service. I just went in and asked if they sell it and they not only do, but they keep giving me samples that they have.

Good luck with the Lyrica. If it begins to work, please let us know. I am curious how long it takes to work, jsut as you are.:angel:
I am post op day 26 and have the same nerve pain. It is getting a little less frequent though, and usually only at night. I tried Lyrica before surgery but experienced very rapid weight gain so I went off it. They offered Lyrica after surgery but I didn't want that weight gain especially since I couldn't exercise. They put me on a muscle relaxer which helps with the nerve pain. I only take it as needed and it does make me drowsy but since I only need it at night that isn't a problem. I am intrested in how your husband's pain progresses. I certainly hope mine subsides soon.
I am in Fort Worth. Dr. Rothbart did my surgery from Spine Team Texas. I had a D-Lif procedure done with fusions at L3-L4,L5-S-1. My incision does not give me much discomfort at all now but the days before the staples came out it was really uncomfortable. That definitely got better. That is great he is walking and resting. I over do it too much and then pay for it the next day. I am still in pain but I can honestly say if I rest and take care each day gets better. I have nerve and hip pain but it is not as bad as the first few days. I can actuallly find positions that will relieve some of the nerve pain now. Sleeping is the hardest part. I was given Ambien to sleep and if I take that I do much better. I probably feel %50 better than the first week but I am still in more pain than before surgery. I start physiotherapy next week so I hope that helps with pain and stiffness.
How is the Lyrica working?