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Hi Mary - I've also been dealing with multiple issues causing debilitating back pain for several years and I know how frustrating and depressing it can be. It's hard for anyone to understand unless they've 'been there'. So don't beat yourself up for getting aggravated that you can't be that person you once were.

I had a series of facet shots for my cervical spine a few years back but they were unsuccessful for me. I eventually opted for ACDF surgery but that too only helped some. I eventually did find some relief with Lyrica and botox injections into my trigger points and have since changed to Topamax. They both work to calm the nerves.

The best thing I ever did for myself though was to get into therapy with someone who works with people suffering from chronic pain. This has truely helped me to get my life back. I didn't realize how depressed I was or I should say how depressed chronic pain had made me. I've learned to be happy again, not just to exist day to day. I've also learned some relaxation techniques including guided imagery and hypnosis and it actually works!

I hope things get better for you soon.
Mary - You have a kind soul. Please try not to let this pain beat you. I'm not any braver than you or anyone else on this board, I'm just trying to find my way and get through it just like you.

It sounds like you're going through your own hell right now. Did everything come on at once or have you been dealing with it for some time? What other options/treatments have you discussed w/ your dr besides burning the nerves? What meds are you on? Have you tried any meds to calm the nerves down (lyrica, neurotin, topamax)? I went through a lot of different treatments, injections, therapy, meds before I was able to get things somewhat under control. I also try to find out all I can about my conditions, treatments, meds, etc. I've learned you can't just put your care into the hands of the drs...sometimes they really don't know what's best for you.

So far as housework & cooking goes you can only do what you can do so don't beat yourself up. One of my favorite sayings is "it is what it is". There's a lot of great advice on this site at the top about housework & such so you might find some good tips.

It's great that you have dogs & a bird. Do you have other animals? Pets are great for your spirit although I know they're a lot of extra work-especially when you're in pain but they just give so much love. I have a dog and 5 cats. I'm now officially the crazy cat lady :D. I started out with 2 kittens from a shelter, a yr later I brought in a starving filthy little guy who's now pure white & weighs about 25lbs. About a year later I brought in another little homeless guy who was beat-up and missing most of his claws-he's all black & close to 30lbs. One of my original kittens died last yr (my heart is still broken) and then my daughter brought in two 4-wk old sisters she found during a torrential downpour in March. My plan was to nurse them and take them to a shelter but now I'm in love...there's something wrong with me I swear:dizzy:. I live in a neighborhood where people put their cats out & never let them in again so I take in strays, nurse them and take them to no kill shelters but I never thought I'd keep them. I think I'm becoming addicted!

Well I'm headed to bed. You & I are on completely opposite schedules. I can't get to sleep until just about when you're getting up :). I updated my post about my infection tonight so read it if you get a chance. I was able to get some help from the chairman of the department where I work. So hopefully I'll get some help on Monday. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz..."The next time I go looking for a diagnosis, I won't look any further than my own backyard!"

Talk to you soon!
Mary64, i just read your post about the spine infection iam so sorry,these are supposed to be the best drs around,this is some scary stuff.it is amazing to me how your boss said you should have called him right away,they inject our spines send us on our merry way and were supposed to moniter it.i know i cant iam just coming out of what i call my facet injection coma.theres just know way i could have called any dr. after that,i would have ended up in jail.the good thing mare is you are dealing with some of the best drs around scary but true.please keep me posted when you are able.i aso have a great love for animals iam pretty sure my neighbors want to kill me by now,and i dont blame them,we have 5 crazy dogs 1 had biten several times and i know if i were normal he wouldnt be here,but i always make excuses for him like he has arthritus or something.everybody in the family wants me to get rid of all but one of our dogs,and their probably right but i just cant i LOVE them,i know you understand this,theres not many people who do,and as you said it is what it is.i told them when i get rid of any of the dogs thats when i will be done.i think they have actually helped me because i have no choice but to get up every morning at 5am.thats when the first one gets up and they keep me moving other wise i probably would not have gooten out of bed.thats the only place i get pain relief is laying on my side in bed,so i actually cant wait for bed time which is super early,and i also need a nap,iam like a toddler LOL.you asked what meds i take here goes Lyrica,hydrocodone,xanx and lexapro,i fought taken the lyrica because i read so many side effects but now i actually look forward to it,it helps me sleep through the night,and it was helping nerve pain in mid back but since those facet shots that has reoccurred,i still dont know if i will let this guy burn off my nerves,iam starting to think hes a sadist,i hope thats the right word.mary i hope every thing goes well at the drs,i will be thinking and praying for you,although i do not attend church i very much beleave in God,i just dont beleave he spends all day in church,sorry so long winded but i feel like you really understand,please be careful with your spine i will be looking for your next post but totally understand if you just need rest.feel better marywoo