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I had a one level fusion in Jan. at L4-5 and took 20 mg oxycodone every 12 hours, and hydroco/apap 5-500 every six-8 hours. I took these meds around the clock, following the very good advice of some of the veterans of this board. I stopped the oxycodone first, probably about 9 weeks, and I stayed on the hydroco until 11 weeks when I pretty much stopped all pain meds, except lyrica, which I forgot to mention earlier. I took it too from the very beginning.

My 87-year old MIL had the very same surgery a month after me. She was on pain meds exactly one day, couldn't stand the way they made her feel and asked the surgeon for something else...so she has taken nothing but tylenol since the surgery. Can't imagine how she did this...but I guess she's a lot tougher than I am!!