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Hi everyone,
Hpe you are having an ok day , I had 8 steroid injections yesterday 6 in my cervical region and 2 in my lumber ligaments. Feel like a pin cushion and quite ore toda. She did sy it can take 2-10 days for them to take effect. She upped my Lyrica to 150mg at night and 75 in the day with 8 Dihydracodiene and 2 Amitryptaline at night .I must admit some mornings ZZI feel so sicky and yuk that I physically cannot swallow or take a tablet.I take Omaprazole to help the stomach.Pain clinic Lady is gonna try to get me in for Facet joint injections as she thinks some of my hip pain is from the Facets (who Knows!)
I am still yet to get an appointment to see the Neurosugeon in Hull. So I will go ahead with the facet stuff and probably accupuncture aswel.Has any one out there had accupuncture and facet injections that have actualy worked or helped.I got to sleep at gone 4 this morning and I'm so jiggered today but hey ho keep on going. LOL.:D
Heres hoping.