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Actually, about that book...I read more carefully in it today and there is a page where the author states that one should really not attempt most of the exercises shown in it until your doc. gives the OK, or until you are fused...at about a year! She says one should do gentle exercises like walking, gentle stretches, aqua therapy, etc. until solidly fused...then begin with Pilates.

About the MRI...you may get a funny feeling when you are injected with the "contrast." When I had a brain scan and they injected the "dye," I had a sudden rush, felt suddenly very hot and had a sensation that I was wetting myself. I was told this was very normal....When I had MRI 3 weeks after my fusion, I don't recall having any of those feelings. Regarding the claustrophobia, I find that it makes a difference where you have the MRI done. When I go to a hospital near me, it isn't bad at all. You can bring your own music that they'll play for you, or you can choose from a very large selection they have...and it makes it much more pleasant. The place my doc prefers I go hands you a pair of plastic ear plugs. :(

Try to just relax and go with it...close your eyes and concentrate on breathing deeply. Follow each breath in...and out...and before you know it, it will be over with. :bouncing: I hope you'll be able to find out the results soon after.

Hope you can get some rest this weekend. Sounds like you've been busier than your back wants you to be!!

I went swimming today. It felt good to be in the water again. I hope to start a regular program on Monday and try to get into a regular work-out routine now that the last of my wedding guests is gone. I need to lose some of the weight I've gained since going on Lyrica and eating wedding cake!!