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Good evening all my friends,
Just thought I would update on Jody's progression. He is walking 1/2 mile 2x per day! :)--he is really self sufficient with the help of his grabber and really is not taking too many hydrocodone's anymore except occasionally at night. The only complaint I hear is the nerve pain in the thigh. I think the Lyrica takes the edge off that and he is understanding on how long those nerves take to "wake up". His next visit is July 24th (8weeks post op). Maybe we'll see some fusion! Wouldn't that be great? His attitude is good. His incision is nicely healed and other than taking his time...things seem to be going well. I have passed along the information that I read on here about the little "set backs" that can come along around 3-5 weeks due to the anesthia that wears off in the back--and let him know of all of your experiences. I will keep posting when I can....He rode to dinner with us a few times....we don't sit long...but I think it really makes him feel human again. The car rides do bother him....so when do those seem to get better? Let me know. God Bless you all for all of your information. YOU ARE ALL such special people.